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 becquet November 4, 2010 
 st loup lamaire79600airvault email 

j'ai eu le plaisir de vous rencontrer chez moi dans mon petit restaurant en France. j'espere profiter de vos toile que vous avez peintes lors de votre sejour en France et de voire le travail terminer des autres artistes qui vous accompagnaient. EN Attendant d'admiré votre travail je continue d'admire le travail qui est sur votre bien amicalement sylvie

 Jeannie Ferris October 17, 2010 
 Costco Santa Clarita, California email 

I have only known you as a gentle, sweet soul that visits me at the Pharmacy. Now, I see your beauty in the depth of your work. I am in awe and am impressed at your range and talent. Thank you for allowing me to view your babies.

 Ted Marriott July 11, 2010 
 Pasadena, CA email 

I was mesmerized by a painting at your June exhibition fund-raiser for animals at Gales Restaurant in Pasadena. I could not leave without purchasing a beautiful impressionistic, red-haired cat that lays on a bed surrounded by pillows. He obviously is very comfortable is and does not plan to move for anyone (so typical of most cats). The name of the painting is "Bed Warmer" and I knew I had to have it. So, it hangs on my bedroom wall in a very special place where I enjoy it every day. Your work is fascinating. You have a unique talent that is both insightful and inspiring. Thank you!

 Nancy Eddinger June 14, 2010 
 Vacaville, CA  

Wow! Amazing works. I love the creative process section. Nice to see a piece of work come together. BTW, We met at the Speeder run to Jamestown. I'm the one with the little dog Chrissie. It was nice meeting and talking with you.

 Melinda Lynch April 17, 2010 
 Canyon Country, CA email 

Laurie, I looked up your page after seeing you at the Earth Arbor Day Festival in Newhall Park. What a pleasure to view your work, chat a bit, and actually see you crank out a painting! BTW, I am the lady in the straw hat with the kids and the sketchbook. :) I'll keep an eye out for you at upcoming local events. All the best, -M.

 Scott Dienhart November 19, 2009 
 Arcadia, CA email 

Thanks for the second opinion at Falkner. Your show at Segil was spectacular. I hope to see you at another paint out soon

 David D. Gilbaugh June 20, 2009 
 La Crescenta, CA 91214 email 

Hello Laura, It is great to see all of your updates and your success at the Santa Paula, Santa Clarita, and West Ranch shows. Keep up the creation!!! David D. Gilbaugh

 Leslie McLeod May 24, 2009 
 Camarillo, CA email 

Hi, Laura -- Thanks for the ideas and tips. My mom and I enjoyed your exhibit at the Sierra Madre Creative Arts Group as well as the Art Fair. I'm so inspired by you and your sweet mother -- what fun to share the love of beauty and the ability to capture and translate it so effectively for others! We admire and appreciate you both so much!

 Linda & Manny April 26, 2009 
 Santa Clarita CA email 

Hi Laura, it was nice to meet you earlier today at the Cowboy festival. You have such nice paintings. You are a very talented artist. I will send you some pics in a few days.

 Raul April 17, 2009 

Hello! If you need some paint for your puddle let me know. I'm kidding!

 malinda myers April 13, 2009 
 san diego, ca email 

off of this artist's work is beautiful. took my breath away. ahhhhhh!

 Joyce February 14, 2009 
 Burtts Corner, NB, Canada email 

Such beautiful work. I am gobsmacked!

 Sue Prout February 11, 2009 
 Valencia email 

Is there anything more beautiful than the California landscape? Thank you for capturing it so beautifully . Hope to meet you on Feb. 22nd.

 bob hernandez October 13, 2008 
 santa clarita, ca. 91355 email 

Cool stuff...I especially like your sculpture.

 David D. Gilbaugh August 30, 2008 
 2927 Hermosa Ave. La Crescenta, CA 91214 email 

Your website opens my eyes to the depth and skill your work exhibits. I most enjoy your sculptures in stone. The process of sculpture is very well done. See you at Descanso Gardens David

 Marcy Lenhardt August 12, 2008 
 Santa Rosa, CA  

Whoa, Laura, really beautiful work herein, I was particularily grabbed by "Gold's Kitchen," on my hurried first visit here. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you in Yosemite's high country during the workshop this past week....I should've realized I was in the presence of a full time artist, ye-hah! Thanks for your kind comments about MY work, jeesh, you are one humble being. I'll be back when more time to linger on your images; very nice site, I'll refer any/all prospects I can find btw.

 Liz Phillips Heath August 4, 2008 
 Ukiah, CA  

Laura, your portraits are amazing! I must say I think it is your strong suit even though you know I have bought, probably, 14 or so paintings from you to date.... maybe more! I, too, love your self portrait. My mind will be racing along... thinking, thinking, thinking! I know I'll come up with something! Have a fun and safe workshop in Yosemite!

 Merle Keller June 19, 2008 
 Los Angeles email 

hey Laura, hope all is well and you're getting lots of fabulous paintings done. Great website and great works. Look forward to seeing you. Merle

 Sandy Stewart May 21, 2008 
 Silverdale Wa email 

Laura , I fell in love with your first portrait " To Be Young " as shown on the Amazon site . Please keep painting portraits , I look forward to seeing some on your web site . Sandy

 Jim Creighton, M.D. April 6, 2008 
 Valencia Ca email 

Laura, As you know, I love your work and you. I would have been happy to have any of your sculptures and would have bought more if I had the space to display them to their fullest advantage. Keep up the great work. I hope the change will allow you hands to recover. Dr Jim

 Berneice Woolwine Dodds March 24, 2008 
 San Diego, Ca 92111 email 

Beautiful beautiful work, hopefully we will make one of your showings this year. Best wishes to you, Your cousin Berneice in San Diego

 Hillory February 27, 2008 
 Canyon Country, CA  

Hi Laura, I loved the new landscapes at your show. Great Website!

 Stu Moss November 3, 2007 
 Anaheim, CA email 

Greetings, Laura: I finally made it over to your site. It's great. I hope Shirley and I will have the opportunity visit with you at one of your exhibits sometime soon. Your paintings are super. They have the same qualities that your stone work had, if not more. I am looking forward to seeing them, (and you), in ther near future. Stu & Shirley

 Erika Chan September 27, 2007 
 Arcadia, CA email 

Hello! I love the in-progress photos! Great to see how an artist works! GReat to meet you again! Best regards! Have a nice day at Descanso!

 Liz Phillips Heath September 23, 2007 
 Ukiah, CA  

I have purchased 4 paintings SO FAR from Laura... OBVIOUSLY, I love her work. I am in the process of buying 4 more! I think it is evident how taken I am with her artistry! You will be quite pleased with anything you might buy from her; you will NOT be disappointed. She is a lovely, gracious and friendly soul whom I have come to really like as a person. Liz

 Petra Voegtle August 31, 2007 
 Munich, Germany email 

Hi Laura, I just came across your website and found your lovely work. Reading about your creative process in your statement tells me that we have quite a similar process and are sharing similar thoughts. Not many female artists are working in both disciplines - carving and painting. How cool! I am pleased to have found another one. I especially like your work in marble - strong and soft, gracious and strongly centered, sensitive and powerful. Great work! Petra

 elliot chang August 24, 2007 
 santa barbara, ca email 

Unbelievable work. We are going to try really hard to make the show in Nov. Aloha, EC

 Ming July 12, 2007 
 Malaysia email 

I really love your landscapes..makes me want to go outside and paint! you really stand apart from the rest!

 Anna Cortina/Chickarita June 9, 2007 
 Valencia Ca. email 

Laura, You are sooooo special You know I luv you. I typed in your web site and found 5 pages of every thing you have done you are so Hot , I'm so Happy for you. Anna

 FrankMassa May 1, 2007 
 Redwood City, CA email 

Thanks for your help at the Symposium. Very much enjoyed seeing your portfolio.

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