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 Brad Bean April 24, 2007 
 St. George, UT email 

Mike told me you were a sculptor. I had no idea of your talent and creativity. Your oils are beautiful; good use of light and nicely composed. The scenes bring back memories.

 carolyn doherty April 7, 2007 
 alpharetta, ga email 

your paintings are beautiful and i was fascinated by the stone carving demo.

 Lynne Fearman April 6, 2007 
 Sierra Madre email 

Didn't we have fun yesterday at the Arboretum! It was great talking to you and sharing your veiws. Great web site! Please send me the names of those artists we talked about. Paint with Passion Lynne Fearman

 francine kirsch March 27, 2007 
 Santa Barbara email 

Laura I cannot believe how talented and Prolific you are! Love to you and see you in a few weeks.

 Alf Reider March 24, 2007 
 Wanganui, New Zealand  

What a beatufil web-site! And works. I like especially those small landscapes, almost feel I was there.

 Jack Woltz February 9, 2007 
 Surprise - AZ email 

Laura, It looks like you have come a long way. I love your work and your Website. My best to Mike. Regards, Jack

 Norman Dlugatch November 19, 2006 
 Hollywood email 

I just met Mike at work today and he told me about your work and your website. I'm not much of an art person but I enjoyed viewing you work. I especially liked your sculptures. I live in Canyon Country and hope to get to see your work in person. Norm

 Bev Weber October 10, 2006 
 Valencia, CA email 

Dear Laura, Thanks so much for sharing this website with me at my office while seeing Cassie--I am SO-O-O-O impressed with the beautiful work that you create! You have inspired me to pursue my art and I look forward to keeping up on your shows and work. See you at the orthodontist...All the best, Bev

 TJ Miles September 20, 2006 
 Spain email 

Just got your details through your 'Painters Keys' question to Robert and decided to check out your website. Your work is terrific! Keep up the good work. I am an Irish artist currently travelling between my homes and studios in Ireland (very wet) and Spain (very sunny) and have decided to make the move to the sunnier option! Check out my website and let me know what you think. I always look forward to hearing from other artists worldwide. Best of luck with all your projects in the future! Kindest regards TJ

 Steve Smith September 6, 2006 
 Temple City, CA email 

You do such beautiful work. I am so very impressed! Keep on keeping on, Laura!

 Aparna Waegner August 20, 2006 
 Valencia email 

I enjoyed seeing your work last night -- once again, it was the highlight of the International Wine Festival for me!

 nancy victor July 1, 2006 
 morro bay email 

Everyone's comments are beautiful -- as is every piece of art displayed!! I'd like to say "ditto" to what everyone else wrote -- especially the eloquent words of your sister Pennie -- and those of Don & Judy Wambsgans. Lots of love, nancy

 Karen Spencer May 27, 2006 
 Saugus email 

I am very priviliged to own my own sculpture from Laura called Small Spirit. It is a beautiful piece but I think because it was created by my friend, it has much more meaning. You would have to talk to Laura to understand what I am trying to say but she has such a love for her work, you could sit and talk to her for a long time and not get tired because of her enthusiasm for her subjects, especially places she has painted. She is not only gifted, she has a beautiful soul.

 merlin cohen April 8, 2006 
 tucson, az email 

Just visited again. Your site is excellent, but I am more impressed each time I see you work and see the results you are able to obtain. You are a real inspiration to us wannabees. Lead on-

 Kelly Borsheim March 23, 2006 
 Cedar Creek, Texas (near Austin) email 

Hi Laura, I finally got time to check out your new site. Beautiful, like the art (and you, too)! Congratulations. Wish I could see you up at the MARBLE/marble symposium this year. (Any chance you will stick around for Loveland this August?) Ciao, my friend, and happy carving and placing that furred stick on canvas. XO, Kelly

 Helen Granger March 13, 2006 
 Sierra Madre, CA  

Laura, it was a pleasure meeting you at the Wistaria Festival yesterday. Your mother is certainly, and rightly, proud of you! I'm so glad she urged me to look up your web-site! You are exceptionally and wonderfully creative. Both your sculptures and your paintings are very moving. "Last Light" is one of my favorites and should be on your site, too. I look forward to seeing the originals of these beautiful works. Best always, Helen

 Becky Novy March 3, 2006 
 Valencia, CA  

Laura, These rich, beautiful photos of your work and statement regarding the process of artistic creation and essential elements are moving and remarkable. I enoyed Morning Stretch and Driftwood, but the "Ooooh" for me was The Bridle Path. The strong light and cool shade of The Bridle Path was one of intimate quietude and harmony. Mmmmm.

 lee clarke February 27, 2006 
 Santa Clarita,ca email 

Hey Laura..... Looking at all your wonderful work,make's me jealous,that I'm not that good!! It really is a nice web sitel.....Lee

 Pennie Gravatte February 23, 2006 
 Sequim, Washington email 

My beloved sister......this old world is so much more beautiful because of you and all you give back to it. Anyone who has ever met you or has had the pleasure to see your work has truly been blessed because of the experience. This is a wonderful site for everyone to enjoy. Thank you!

 Beth Maitland-Banninger February 22, 2006 
 Canyon Country, CA  

I'm thrilled for you that you have this beautiful site where we can all keep track of what's new on your work table. I'll send it along to a few interested friends. All the best! love, Beth

 David Hiles February 22, 2006 
 Wickenburg, AZ email 

Hello Laura, what a supurb showing. As an old carving buddy from the past, i was unaware of your painting skills. Outstanding work. Your sculpture depicts the art and style of the current time and taste. Keep up the good work and I am proud to say I knew you when in the dust and noise of marble carving. David

 Marty Krainin February 21, 2006 
 Stevenson Ranch, CA email 

Laura: Your website is excellent, but better than that is all your work. I particularly love that painting you opened with, it's just beautiful. As for sculpture, you are amaxingly prolific, your stones are beautiful and your work is moving. Keep working! Never stop!

 William Crain February 21, 2006 
 Encino/Hemet CA email 

You GO Girl! Congratulations Great Work on a Perfect site. Nice to have more than one calling. Eh! ~ Exhillerating to see a Master of both 2D & 3D ... (and the battle between the two is like dealing with needy kids sometimes).... Who'd a thunk we'd be swapping pix thru syber s[ace from those early GSSA days at Peter Strauss Ranch; ...And for sure, your WORK in this site reflects the Professional Artist that you are.

 Ken Miduch February 20, 2006 
 Salt Lake City, UTAH email 

Laura! I have always loved your sculptures, and am sorry that I haven't seen you or your work at MARBLE/marble for several years now. Your new work is absolutely awesome. It is so clean and elegant! The fluid line and dynamic shapes you have sculpted are captivating. And your productivity is incredible. I didn't know you painted, and that work rivals your sculpture. You GO GIRL! I am proud to say you are a friend of mine. Ken

 Diane Haffamier February 20, 2006 
 Valencia ,ca ,91355 email 

What else could a beautiful person create but beauty , just gorgeous Laura.

 Corky Dunn February 20, 2006 
 Arcadia Ca email 

Hi Laura, the site is beautiful and I am so impressed with you new paintings, they truely are beautiful and you know how much I love your sculptures, you truely are amazing and so talented you have become so much in your art and to think, I knew you when...... I want to keep in touch and watch your career grow, love, Corky Dunn

 Andrea (Malinowski) Sweeney February 20, 2006 
 Vista, CA email 

YOU are the Ahh-Haa moment Laura girl!! I am totally BLOW AWAY!! God has blessed you greatly Laura. Your talent is inspiring to me and I'm sure to others. Hard to believe we both traveled in the Camellia Parade, you as royalty and me as a "bluebird", so many years ago. Love ya, andi

 Nancy Lovendahl February 20, 2006 
 Snowmass, Co  

Really should be a nice tool for selling out of town. Well done, Laura!

 Debbie Paulshus February 20, 2006 
 Temple City, CA email 

O, the Light!!

 Don & Judy Wambsgans February 20, 2006 
 Pomona, Ca.  

Congratulations sister-in-law. This is an awesome website for an awesome artist. Not to mention being a great wife, a super mom and you can drive a tractor too!

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