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 Kathi Colman February 20, 2006 
 Old Agoura, CA 91301 email 

You have incredible talent at catching atmosphere/light in your paintings, Laura. They are breathtaking..... Now I will go back to look at your sculptures-

 Jody Liss-Monteleone February 20, 2006 
 Valencia, California  

Wow! What an amazing website! You go through an extraordinary process to create your beautiful sculptures. I am in awe of your talent. I, too, am partial to the scultures because I am amazed that you can turn a rock into something so beautiful. You are an inspiration! Thanks for sharing this with us.

 Jeanne Jackson February 20, 2006 
 Manhattan Beach, California email 

No wonder I haven't heard from you in months. You've been working your ass off! What a pleasure it is to finally see your paintings on this fabulous website. Eash one has a special mood, capturing the subtle nuances that are so distinctly Calfiornia. I have always marveled at how the quality of light can trigger such strong emotional responses and you've managed to capture that unique light in each of your creations, never the same but consistantly powerful. Beautiful and brilliant. You inspire me. Thank you.

 Sandy Village February 20, 2006 
 Yorba Linda, CA, now Jacksonville, Fl email 

I am awed by the grand beauty of your WORK. They all are very very impressive. i especially love your sculptures. They are very unique and beautiful. Keep me posted.

 Sandy Village February 20, 2006 
 Yorba Linda, CA, now Jacksonville, Fl email 

I am awed by the grand beauty of your sculptures. They are very very impressive. Keep me posted. I am a patron of the CAC.

 Don and Bobbie McCormack February 19, 2006 
 Valencia, CA email 

A lovely website for a talented artist! We appreciate the beauty you share with the world.

 Nancy Eckels February 19, 2006 
 Canyon Country, Ca. email 

Hey Laura, Looking good. The paintings are great but I'll always be partial to your sculpture.

 Lorelle Miller February 19, 2006 
 Santa Clarita  

To my comrade and mentor Laura, Congratulations on your web site. You could light up an entire city with your creative energy Laura. Your sculpture work is tremendous, your paintings full of life and color. I wish you sweet success and I believe in you completely. You have all the ingredients it takes to go the distance my friend. Your intelligence, spirit and talent have always amazed me.

 Judy Doyle February 19, 2006 
 Van Nuys, CA email 

Laura... Your talent radiates through the versatility of your art. It's an honor and a pleasure to know you and to view your work. May you continue with your success in adding to the beauty in this world. Judy

 Janet Catmull February 18, 2006 
 Valencia, CA email 

Laura, I knew you could sculpt and make lovely pastel paintings, but these new oil paintings stun me. You are blessed with the ability to see, really see, the way artists strive to see but usually achieve only after many years of effort. Your colorful shadows, perfect values, painterly yet real, so perfectly done -- I am awestruck! What will you r work look like in five years? I can't wait. Ten years? Forget about it! Congratulations on your new website too, which is classy, and on this talent I didn't realize you have. I hope I can join you to paint in one of the canyons or the riverbed sometime. Keep on painting and sharing with us - we will enjoy being inspired by your work. -Janet Catmull

 Jean Cherie February 18, 2006 
 San Francisco email 

Laura, WOW! Thank you for sharing your beautiful and inspirational work with us, girl friend! This is the first I've seen your oil paintings and I'm loving your expansion and flowering!

 Sandy Fisher February 18, 2006 
 Santa Clarita, CA email 

Breathtakingly beautiful. I've said it before and I'll say it again. You are truly gifted to be talented in two different forms of art. I love your work and you will always be an inspiration to me.

 vic picou February 17, 2006 

Laura, it looks like I am the honroed one in being the first to sign your guest book !!! Your website reflects the strong and beautiful art that you are creating, as well as the dynama that you are with both the brush and the chisel. I understand that your deepest satisfaction is in the colorful and poetic movement of your brush or your chisel, seeing your images come to life. Art lovers will easily see this magic, getting a glimpse of your art-soul. Congratulations to a very fine artist. VP

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